Designed a shirt that could be used to recharge the mobile

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  • Researchers at the University of South Carolina created a piece of cotton clothing that stores electrical energy
It is estimated that in the future that we normally use the garments may be used to load the mobile

Researchers at the University of South Carolina have designed a cotton shirt that stores electrical energy. According to its creators, mechanical engineering professor at the University of South Carolina, Xiaodong Li and researcher Lihong Bao , in the future, “the t we use regularly may have more functions like carrying a mobile phone or iPhone. “

Experts have published the results of their research in Advanced Materials, which explain how to turn a simple cotton garment energy source: the idea was to buy a shirt in a store that subsequently immersed in a solution of fluoride, the dried and Finally, introduced into a furnace at high temperatures. Oxygen removed from the oven to avoid burning the garment.

Using infrared spectroscopy it was found that the fibers of the cloth had been converted to activated carbon celluloseThe material continued to maintain its flexibility and can bend without breaking.

The researchers showed that the resulting flexible material, become activated carbon, could function as a capacitor. The capacitors are in the majority of the devices on the market and have the ability to store electrical energy.

But Li and Bao went further by coating the carbon fibers with manganese oxide of only one nanometer thick, noted that the improved performance of the fabric. “This process created a stable performance in supercapacitors” said Professor Li. Even after thousands of cycles of charging and discharging of the supercapacitor performance did not decrease by more than 5%, the researchers said.

“By grouping these super capacitors, we should be able to carry electrical devices such as mobile phones”, says Professor Li.

Research “green”

In addition, he was pleased with his research not only results but also the methods which have been obtained activated carbon fibers: “The above methods rely on oil or chemicals” said Professor Li. Our method, apart from cheap, non-polluting he said.

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