Demand chip outperforms Qualcomm Snapdragon S4

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The U.S. company Qualcomm fails to keep up with the demand of its Snapdragon chip S4. This processor is included in several models of smartphones and ‘tablets’ Android and also in future Windows 8. The scarcity of these end processors could highlight the delivery of those products that already incorporate this chip.

   Snapdragon processor Qualcomm S4 is used in the HTC One X and in the future will be present also in other devices of Taiwan, as well as the Nokia and the ‘tablets’ Lenovo Company. The S4 Qualcomm is the first quad-core mobile processor built using 28-nanometer process and is the first to integrate LTE 4G network.

   However, such is the demand of this chip for mobile devices that the U.S. company is unable to create enough chips to meet orders. This shortage could delay the delivery of existing products, has assured the head of Qualcomm opraciones, Steven Mollenkopf, as collected by the British newspaper The Telegraph.

   More than 150 devices will go on sale at S4 chip Snapdragon Snapdragon processor models are also used in Blackberry and Nokia smart phones and ‘tablets’ from Samsung.

   In addition, Qualcomm said that the factories that built the processor would not be able to produce enough of the S4 chip this year, so it is trying to convince phone makers to use their other chips. However, he admitted that some manufacturers may use other suppliers, so this could have an effect on the prices of some smartphones. On the other hand, the newspaper published that Apple, a partner of Qualcomm, will not be affected by this shortage.

   Mollenkopf said that investors from Qualcomm has helped its customers “to see how you can change all the chips Fusion 2”. However ensures that at the moment is to wait to see some alternatives and Qualcomm chipsets used to solve this issue as well.

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