Dell disclaims the “smartphones”

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The global industry of smart phones is expected to reach 150,000 million for the year 2014 according to Markets and Markets , however, the company Dell does not want to be part of that movement.

That’s what you said Jeff Clarke , head of Dell’s consumer reports magazine Forbes. Clarke noted that Dell has no plans to continue in the race of “smartphones”. “It takes a lot of investment to achieve real success,” Clarke confessed during Dell World Conference .

Clarke also confirmed that also waives the Android operating system and will focus on the manufacture of tablets with the Microsoft platform, Windows 8 . “It’s a battle play with Android. Amazon is selling books and Google is doing his thing with the searches. So far we have been able to build a business based on Android “, said the executive.

For now Dell will focus on its latest family of tablets with Windows system (8 or RT), ie the XPS10, XPS12 and Latitude 10 . But all is not lost. “Not that we are not trying to Android. They should come and see what is happening in our labs, “said the executive told Forbes.

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