Death of Windows XP, the longest Operating System

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Microsoft has deadline to stop treatment injecting his ancient Windows XP . The operating system will no longer receive support and security updates on April 8, 2014 . Since then, teams will be more insecure and vulnerable to attacks. Windows XP is not any system: has been the longest, meet 12 ½ years before closing, and is still present in a quarter of computers using data from November 2012, operates in the 25.59 %, only slightly below the world average of 26.17%.

Windows XP has been one of the biggest-selling Microsoft. Windows 7has failed to snatch this year his best-selling record in history. No official data, but it is estimated that 600 million licenses sold of XP (not counting illegal copies). The 7 reached that figure in June 2012 .Windows 8 , Microsoft’s new product, takes a month 40 million licenses sold .

Switching to Windows 7 and Windows 8

Microsoft’s goal is for teams to migrate to Windows 7 and especially Windows 8, a trend that is already produced. In 2008, XP was present in 75% of the equipment, according to StatCounter data , in 2010, stood at 56%, compared with 18% of the newly born Windows 7, in 2012, the forces have reversed and are in Veteran 26% compared to 53% of the most recent. Windows 8 just came out and its implementation is not yet known.

The lead of Microsoft is that home users migrate soon to Windows 8, expected 400 million licenses a year, and continue a time with Windows 7 in the business world, where he hopes to place more than 250 million licenses. Windows 8 is still too revolutionaries or, and very focused on tablets, as to be integrated quickly into the business world, because the learning curve is steeper than usual.

Hits and reviews

Windows XP was released in October 2001 to replace Windows 2000 .Was due to Windows Vista , released in January 2006, retired, but his poor reception and the explosion of ‘netbooks’, less powerful, many teams did lengthen the life of the old operating system. XP no longer sold in October 2010, although Microsoft still provides support for another year and a half. After 12 ½ years surpass the record ofWindows NT , retired after a life of 11 years.

Windows XP, despite its longevity, suffered much criticism since its launch, branded as mere upgrade Windows 2000 operating system or too basic. And fought, and lost, market abuse litigation, especially for its preinstalled Windows Media Player, Windows Messenger and Windows Live ID . However, XP also is known for being more stable and secure than its predecessors, especially after various implementations, the “service pack”, although not escaped criticism for vulnerability. XP suffered at first reception problems due to the reluctance to abandon old operating systems. The advent of more powerful computers and the widespread use of internet made it inevitable installation, versions and deleted Windows 95, 98 and 2000 .


Microsoft’s doubt, now, is the shadow overextended Windows XP, especially in the business environment, in a bad time to devote efforts to upgrade equipment. When Microsoft Windows 2000 finally closed on 13 July 2010, was present in only 0.31% , and the impact was limited.The current 26% of XP, about 500 million computers, it is still of concern for security. Analysts say, predictably, by the deadline will have between 10 and 15% of machines with veteran operating system.

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