Dark energy does exist

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A group of researchers analyzed again Detection System Integrated Sachs-Wolfe, bringing a return of 99.996% of the Universe that this element does exist.

The existence of dark energy is a topic that is debated in the scientific community , but a new study ensures certainty 99,996 percent of the universe that this element does exist .This is done to reassess and re-experience the work of two Canadian researchers who proposed a direct method to confirm the existence of this energy, which was called Detection System Integrated Sachs-Wolfe, in honor of its proponents.

This method puts hypothesis that residual radiation from the Big Bang, would turn blue when passing through the gravitational fields of clumps of matter, according to the sources .To test this was to compare the energy of light radiation maps of the local Universe.Where there is no dark energy would not have similarities in the maps. But if you were there, you would observe a phenomenon in which the residual background photons gain energy passing by mass concentrations.

This method was used in 2003 and was considered a real test. However, there are still retractors that said energy signal was weak and it was dust in our galaxy.The new study considered all arguments against Sachs-Wolfe System and used new and improved local Universe maps to repeat the experiment. The results showed a certain percent of 99,996, equivalent to a level4 sigma , dark energy that is there.

The lead author, Giannantonio Tommaso said their work could result in minor modifications to the theory of Einstein’s general relativity.Dark energy takes up 73 percent of the universe and has been given the repulsive force that separates the stars, giving as a result the expansion of the Universe. Three researchers, Saul Perlmutter, Brian P. Adam and G. Schmidt Riess, won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2011 for his discovery.

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