D-Link DIR-506L, pocket router to create private networks

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D-Link has introduced a new router that has a different concept to which we are accustomed. And is that the model   D-Link DIR-506L is a pocket router designed for use outside the home network environment.This device has several different uses. On one hand, we can use it to create a private network within a public network , so as to improve the privacy of that often lack such networks. Can also be used as a repeater to boost the signal , or as a content player USB keys or mobile device to any device that is within range of the WiFi network. 

Without doubt one of the great advantages of D-Link DIR-506L is its versatility. With a compact design with dimensions of 103 × 22.3 × 80 mm and weighing 120 grams, you can carry your pocket router with apparent ease anywhere without constituting a nuisance. The device power is via a USB port , but it also contains a battery that provides a battery life of four hours when you create the new network or using its multimedia features.

Pocket Router D-Link

One of the main functions of this team stand out is its ability to create private clouds from public networks . The user can create a network with its own name and password and provide service to multiple computers simultaneously, with a marked improvement in security (one of the major problems faced by open WiFi networks). Furthermore, we can also use this device as a repeater for improving the signal quality of the network and better performance. You can also use more common as WiFi router through its connection to another router.

Another function that counts the team is to play streaming content from the drives connected to USB portof the computer, such as USB sticks or external hard drives. The transmission of content can also be done via a PC or a smartphone or tablet Android and the iPhone and iPad , through apps dedicatedSharePort Mobile that can be downloaded from their respective stores. In fact, the router configuration can also be performed from a smartphone or tablet with the application QRS Mobile.

Finally, extra functionality built into this device and you can save more than a bind when we are away from home is the ability to serve as battery charging smartphones or tablets through its port USB . The battery capacity of handheld router D-Link DIR-506L is 1700 milliamps, so for example you could give us a full charge of the popular smartphone Samsung Galaxy S2 . Definitely a very versatile device which has some attractive features.

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