Cyber ​​war has a new virus: the ‘miniFlame’

  • It is a set of commands Flame virus derivatives, defined this as “the most sophisticated cyber weapon ever deployed.”
  • Together with Flame and Gauss, miniFlame is included among the viruses used for massive cyber espionage operations being carried out .
  • MiniFlame allows full control of the team, which has not happened with Flame.
The discovery of a new virus more accurate than those seen so far gives new clues to researchers cyber espionage being waged in the Middle East this week reported digital security company Kaspersky .

The dubbed “miniFlame” is a set of commands derived Flame virus , detected in May this year and Kaspersky defined as “what may be the most sophisticated cyber weapon ever deployed” and authored the Washington Post has been attributed to the United States and Israel. “With Flame, Gauss (another similar program) and miniFlame probably have scratched the surface of massive cyber spying operations being carried out in the Middle East,” Kaspersky said in a statement.

MiniFlame, which can operate independently without the Flame module allows screenshots, spy programs, instant messaging , the browser Internet Explorer , Mozilla, Microsoft Office or other such as Adobe Acrobat or FTP client .

This new virus, first detected in July 2012 by the experts, “is a tool for high precision surgical strike” against targets, especially in Lebanon, France, United States and Iran and allows full control of the computer , which is not Flame was true.

The new virus, unlike Flame and Gauss, who attacked especially Iran and Sudan, does not seem focused on a single region or country, but have been identified up to six versions of the program , that have infected computers in Palestinian territories, Iran and Lebanon.

However, Kaspersky said this week that “the true ultimate purpose remains unclear and the identity of the victims and attackers remains unknown.”


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