Curiosity found evidence of water

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A small bright object visible in one of the pictures sent to Earth from Mars by Curiosity robot , aroused more than curiosity of scientists, the U.S. space agency NASA , who have decided to suspend the excavation was going to perform up to determine if it is a key piece that fell from the rover.

On day 61 of the mission Mars, Curiosity , which landed on Mars on August 6, raised a lot of sand and dust in your tray of 4.5 inches wide by 7 inches long and exposed to their cameras. In some images, near the lower edge of the pictures transmitted from Mars, scientists distinguish a small bright object which could be a piece of the same robot.

On day 62 technicians Martian Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., who run the two-year mission suspended the use of the robot arm and turned to more images of the object. The piece could be part of the ‘hardware’ of the robot. This element was discovered by a picture sent by one of the cameras Curiosity, MastCam. Gale crater where Curiosity landed on Mars was covered by water currents of about 1 meter high which could have supported life, as indicated by the NASA .

The Curiosity chambers provided the first evidence that there was water in the world, at least in part, but a long time. The American scientist John Grotzinger, the Mars Science Laboratory at NASA concluded that the photographs sent from the browser Curiosity reveal that the planet was habitable, which would be fulfilled major astronomical mission objectives. Grotzinger said the area where you took the photo needs to be studied more closely, but said that water flow could possibly be a habitable environment.

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