Created a device that allows to move objects with the “power of thought”

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In Japan, the device was developed, which should make life easier for people with reduced mobility, the lonely and the elderly. The device is a kind of caps with wires and sensors. pulse information the brain reads a special device, and then come into the database, where it is analyzed and where it comes from an order in a particular subject in the room, also equipped with a reader. To transform ideas into action now takes six to 12 seconds, but the developers expect in three years to bring the rate of one second.Accuracy of the order of 70-80%, according to sources referring to the Japanese media.

Device for testing the experiment was conducted Network Brain Machine InterfaceDuring a man enough to imagine the movement he makes the right or left hand, and then turn the idea into reality. And people could not get the wheelchair to go in the right direction to open the curtain, turn on and turn off the TV and lights in the room, only one power of thought. According to the company, the industrial production of the device can be initiated in 2020Interestingly, the work on such devices is in Japan for a long time and is funded by government. Among other applications of systems “mind-reading” can be called a satellite navigation, with the help of her driver will be enough just to think about food, to navigator found a nearby restaurant. Also previously developed a unique interface that allows you to control the wheelchair using brain impulses, with the help paralyzed patients to independently change channels and adjust the sound of the TV, turn on and turn off the light, the text on the computer monitor and run a home-helper robot.

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