Court reverses action against Samsung

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An appeals court reversed U.S. on Thursday a preliminary injunction on the sale of Galaxy Nexus smartphone from Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, dealing a blow to Apple Inc in its battle against Google Inc.

Apple has been waging a war on several fronts against Google, whose Android software powers many of the mobile devices of Korean giant Samsung.

In one of the most visible signs of this battle, trial to determine whether the products of Samsung violated Apple patents in August ended with an overwhelming victory for the manufacturer of the iPhone .

The court of appeals of the United States Federal Circuit ruled that the district court in California “did abuse its discretion in issuing a preliminary injunction.” The appeals court sent the case back to a lower court for reconsideration California.

The Nexus is a former product of Samsung , which has a large line of new tablets and smartphones would be launched on the market before the holiday season.

But the revocation of pretrial ban is a slap to Apple because patents in the case involving Nexus-functions that enable software-are directly related to the functions of Android, the software that powers most phones intelligent world.

On Wednesday, Google CEO Eric Schmidt described the growing struggle between Apple and his company as “a defining fight” for the future of the mobile industry.

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