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For the third consecutive quarter, India again leading the ranking of the countries from which most spam is sent that makes Sophos . India reached the first position of this list, known as the Dirty Dozen, in April and since then has not left . Italia also entrenched in second place.

Specifically, since the Asian country sent approximately 16.1% of all spam that was detected by Sophos over this period, says the company itself in its blog. is, an increase of 4.7 points respect to the last measurement.

Meanwhile, Italy has also increased this percentage to reach 9.4% of the total spam (the previous quarter sent only 7%). However, this does not necessarily mean that it has increased the amount of spam sent from these countries, as in growth rate may simply be that other countries have reduced the spamming.

And indeed, this appears to have happened in South Korea, which goes from the third position (now occupied by the United States) to the eighth, with only 3.6%, 3.1 points lower than last quarter.

By continent, Asia is first , mainly due to the contribution of India and Saudi Arabia (5.1%)However, Sophos explains that this is because in these countries (especially in India) a large number of infected computers that are part of networks of zombie computers without their owners’ knowledge.

According to the security company, “India must make education a priority in IT security.” Also, make sure that if computers in this country are chosen to be infected, they can also be the target of other types of fraud.

In total, nearly half of spam from Asia (48.7%). Europe lags behind, although quite far (28.2%)The third position is for South America (10.2%), as in the Americas Sophos divided in two. However, although would join North America (9.5%), would not exceed the old continent.Africa closes the standings with 2.9%.

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