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New operating system and new phone. Those are the plans of Apple, to match the output of iOS 7, the renewal of its software, and its range of phones. As company policy, neither confirms nor denies.

iOS 7_New iPhone

iOS 7_New iPhone

While it is true that the Moscone Centre in San Francisco will be busy during those days by the Intel developer conference, so is that the iPhone 5 will be presented in a theater in San Jose, a way back to its origins. So far the envisaged date was 18 September. Tim Cook, CEO who will be two years in office on August 24, wanted to appease the demands of investors with the promise of new products in the fall. If you consider that more and more Apple starts selling in the U.S. next week 18 did not seem an option far fetched, and it came really released this fall.Typically, a month and a half start selling in Europe.

Advance the presentation to September 10 is a way to recognize the need to innovate and compete. Only days before, on September 4, during the fair IFA in Berlin , a place where you show vacuum cleaners, washing machines and refrigerators with recent phones and tablets, Sony and Samsung teach your bets Christmas.

The Japanese will unveil a new mobile named to succeed the Xperia Z, a submersible model with five-inch screen that has crept among the best sellers of 2013. The Korean will do the same with your phablet, the hybrid tablet and mobile. Galaxy Note 3, with his characteristic touch pointer out for its own applications for drawing, retouching and editing, as well as a generous battery life. Two products, except for changes in your cycle, will be ready before Christmas. That Apple can beat the game coming before the shops, but the main thing is the product.

What can you expect from the new iPhone? For starters, if you do not break the routine, which is called 5S. Come accompanied by a more modest model to make it more accessible with intent to conquer the Chinese market where local manufacturers face as Huawei, ZTE andXiaomi . A set price allowed to keep a large share of users of its operating system and, consequently, further monetizing its app store.Apple keeps 30% of each program sold in its platform.

Authentec Buying suggests the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor. Apple did not bet on the NFC chip (near faithful communication), a proximity technology used to make payments for now, but with multiple security options. This would be your choice to prevent intruders from using your phone without permission, paid or accessed content so certified.

It would be logical that after upset by the change of pin, retaining the screen size. Otherwise behoove renew full range of accessories, from cases to speaker, stands on the car …

Besides there are a few aspects speculation that Apple would be improved urgently. For starters, the battery. A phone over 500 euros you can not afford so little autonomy. Or the cable is going to start charging early in the afternoon or used an external battery. Two annoying solutions that do not match the excellence that spread.

Second, a camera according to the new time. While Sony and Samsung have made the jump to 13 megapixels, the iPhone is anchored in eight.There is no denying that it is the most used appliance Flickr, Yahoo! store, very popular among fans to images, but it is not acceptable that a year after arriving in the stores keep a sensor errors. For example, when focusing on a direct source of light pictures come out with an annoying purple stain. Apple’s solution was to advise not tirasen photos directly from light. Normal if what dazzles is the sun, but not if it is a lamp, neon, a focus …

The leaks to blogs specialized in technology has begun to show cases and cases of a new model of iPad. The fifth generation of the tablet would be thinner, 30% lighter and with a small size frame. It remains to be discovered when, at last, there will be an iPad Mini with HD screen.

In any event, gives a sense of continuity more than a revolution or rupture. Only a television presenting tactile or the expected clock Internet connection could mark distances with the competition.

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