Copying text from Facebook on iPhone with Jailbreak

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Several years ago Apple introduced a feature in the operating system of the iPhone that is extremely useful is the ability to copy, paste and cut text. 



Nowadays it is a characteristic of any smartphone or tablet but in early versions of iOS was not possible to do this task that seems so simple. Copy text is very practical for every situation, for example if we create a note with the shopping list and we email it or if we want to save a text we find on the Internet. The system to copy words or text is very simple, all you have to do is hold on a moment to select the text and then choose the option that interests us (cut or copy), once this is done we can move this text to any other place without problem. Although the system has this feature there are applications that do not allow us to copy certain things, is the case of the social network Facebook .

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When we want to copy text from the news on Facebook wall and holding down nothing happens. The strange thing is that other things like do allow comments to be copied without any problem. The reason for this error (if it is a mistake) is not known and often cumbersome unable to save an interesting story or just the status update that has caught our attention. Again developers Jailbreak provide a simple and free via a new application from Cydia , the unofficial store. The tool in question is called “Enable copy text in Facebook” , a name very explicit that leaves little to the imagination.

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Enable copy text in Facebook is what is known as an application “install and go”, this means that after installation will be working and not have to configure anything to activate it. The management application is as simple as the traditional method of copying text with a slight difference. The method is the same, hold down on the text , but instead of a small balloon appear to copy the text will display a popup window that indicates that the paragraph in question was added to the clipboard , then we can copy it wherever we want (mail , notes …). This tool does not let us choose the text you want, ie copy whole paragraphs so you’ll have to erase what we are not interested after copying.

Thanks to Jailbreak little problems like this are solved in a few simple steps, this is an example of a simple tool but there are many others that are more complex and more deeply modify the system. 

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