Conventional batteries that can be controlled from the mobile

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  • Add an electronic circuit to AA batteries without altering the size
  • So can communicate via Bluetooth with mobile phone
  • Allow disconnecting a distance and warn if you run out


Tethercell is, according to its creators, “reinventing the common stack.” It consists of a shell of the same size has a AA battery, the most common and that runs up to 60% of all devices that use normal batteries.

Being the same size as a stack Tethercell wit can be inserted into any compartment designed to house this size batteriesThe housing contains itself an AAA size battery and an electronic circuit .

AAA batteries are similar to the AA, only have a diameter slightly less than a few millimeters and are shorter. But they provide the same voltage (1.5 volts) but with slightly less capacity.

In general many battery-operated devices can run on batteries AA AAA . The electronic circuit occupies Tethercell developed by the size difference between one and the other batteries.

And in this electronic circuit is the key Tethercell which causes the battery to communicate via Bluetooth to a mobile phone or tablet.

For what purpose?

The most obvious is to be able to activate and deactivate the device in which the battery is placed. If you have small children you’ve probably ever wished the TV remote had an off button.

Also if you have small children you may have desired, if not need, to disconnect any of the toys that move or make noise, but without the child noticing and without having to physically remove them, it is also a nuisance because they often incorporate screws .

“Kids see that the toy does not work and just get to do something else”, which is pretty painless for everyone. That’s what’s possible with Tethercell, and works on both devices using a single stack as in those using several.

In this case just a battery-only-whether of Tethercell as to vacate one of them opens the circuit and the device stops working. Tethercell also allowed, since the implementation of mobile or tablet, set hours of operation of the equipment , reducing the drain on the batteries and set a schedule.

It also indicates the charging status and know when you need to change them. CurrentlyTethercell is a project funding site IndieGoGo collective in order to obtain the necessary funds for manufacturing and marketing.

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