Controversy over lack of Google Maps for iPhone in Columbia

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The joy at the arrival of Google Maps for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, was short lived. While the rest of the world celebrate the option to download the program again, Apple removed the iOS6 update, which was replaced by his own version of maps, in Colombia is not possible to obtain the application and local maps. Google Maps for iOS 6 has already been downloaded more than 10 million devices since it appeared on 13 December. The triumphant return of the application is due, among other things, the failure of Apple’s maps, which had errors in the location of landmarks, some populations overlooked and sometimes people get lost using them.

According to resources, communications manager for Google Colombia, who commented that “Apple has a few weeks the application (maps for our country) in his possession. Depends updates them dates in different regions. We hope you are soon to Colombia. ”

On the other hand, Apple was asked about the date available Google Maps for Colombia and expressed that “it is an application created by an external developer, by Google, and is something that handle them. It is up to the countries that they can choose to download the application. “

While Apple and Google are blaming each other for the unavailability of the ‘app’, Colombians users still can access its functions and services of Google Maps.

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