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Modern languages ​​are very different from the proto-languages ​​of many linguistic characteristics. For many centuries it is changing, changing phonetics. The invention can be incorporated into computer games. In this case, download the game for free, anyone can.   Languages ​​belonging to a single linguistic group, are like one of the ancient language, it is difficult to restore. Researcher University of British Columbia Vancouver, Alexander Bouchard-Cote managed to develop a computer program that determines the evolution of a particular word. The basis of the program is an algorithm based on the linguistic rules. Trial experiment scientists used analyzing Austronesian languages, including Fijian, Tongan, Hawaiian. In all there are 637 languages. The results of the program showed 85% of matches with linguistic data. For example, the “wind” in the Fijian sounds “cagi”. After the analysis of the program, it became clear that the parent language, it sounded like “bali”. Creators program has achieved good results. However, the algorithm can be used as an aide for linguists, not replacing them. Now developed an online version of the invention, which facilitates the work of scientists from all over the world.

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