Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S3 VS Samsung Galaxy Premier

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The announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Premier was somewhat unexpected, at least if we consider the characteristics of the model. Where can we square this new top model compared to Samsung Galaxy S3 ? We invite you to analyze all its benefits in the following  comparison .

What they will offer the new model that we have not already seen in the Samsung Galaxy series of devices? Is it enough to fit in tight Samsung catalog? There is only one way to find and is entering in its interior to analyze in detail the artillery that is hidden under the casing. No less interesting is the examination raises the outside.


The appearance of a smartphone is the first thing that determines most potential customers so the design of a device of this caliber is the first big challenge for a manufacturer. What about the Samsung Galaxy Premier? Are you up to the achievements of the Galaxy Samsung S3? The truth is that the model presented great similarities saved with the Samsung Galaxy S3. Not for nothing we could say without fear of contradiction that the Galaxy Premier is designed based on the design of the Samsung Galaxy S3. However, we believe that the outcome of the Premier Galaxy could be a merger between the designs of Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3. On the front it would be more significant redesign physical Home button, something more “stout” than the S3. While top is virtually modeled, the lower zone has a steeper profile protruding finishing “metallic effect” located around the casing. In the back only detect a change and the situation of the speaker grille.

Closely related to the design is the size of the device. The Premier of the Galaxy is significantly lower, with 134.2 x 68 x 9 mm compared with 136.3 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm Galaxy S3. In terms of weight, there is an imbalance just three grams (130 vs 133).


One of the most important components of any touchscreen smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Premier is a very similar display. Common in most branded devices, the model offers the same color and brightness of the Super AMOLED screen, HD here. The resolution is identical, but the size difference compared to Galaxy S3 (4.65 vs. 4.8) conducive to the first highest available density of points (316 versus 306). By the time the firm has not detailed if the new device has Gorilla Glass 2 protective layer such as the S3.


One of the points that the Samsung Galaxy Premier unlike most of his “adversary”. The brand has chosen to include the new dual core chip from Texas Instruments, the TI 4470 OMA 1.5 GHz In terms of performance we know he is above the NVIDIA Tegra 3, although the specifications Exynos 4412 Quad Core 1.4 GHz Galaxy S3 should lead the fight. In the graphic, the first has a PowerVR SGX544 GPU to 384 MHz front of the ARM Mali-400 S3 400 MHz On paper S3 performance will be higher, but when it goes on sale Premier will be interesting to see with what a difference.


It seems that the new Nexus activated again have a debate that was over long ago. Thus, the storage system returns to a point of interest. In this case, both models solventarían any memory problem to have support for microSD memory cards. However, in the case of Premier Galaxy there are two versions of 8 and 16 GB compared with three of 16, 32 and 64 of the S3. Slight advantage for S3.

As for the RAM, another important technical detail from the point of view of performance, both Premier and S3 have a 1GB module, which, except technical differences in bus frequency, are even.


In this section, all its features are identical, except for a greater detail. We find support for HSDPA + up to 21 Mbps, WiFi N with different features like DLNA, WiFi Direct or hotspot, Bluetooth 4.0, GPC with GLONASS, NFC … but the Galaxy Premier integrates modem supports LTE networks. Although the Galaxy S3 also has the possibility in the American version, the international version does not offer support for 4G networks. It also integrates dual antenna WiFi, something not seen in the S3.


Given the information provided by Samsung, we understand that the eight megapixel sensor which includes should be the same as we first saw the Samsung Galaxy S3. It has LED flash and can record all video in FullHD. As for the front camera, happen about the same as Samsung reports that the Premier has a 1.9-megapixel.


In this section we have too much data to discuss autonomy since the two terminals have a 2100 mAh battery, which could trigger a slight increase in the length of the Galaxy Premier, at least if you count the lower energy consumption components such as the display. Furthermore, the fact that both Premier and S3 have Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1 operating system is not a better reason to wield optimization software.


With these data and comparisons in hand, we could say that both models are very even. Only plausible find a difference in the size of the screen, which is not to display an impact in excess of the housing dimensions. The processor is another element where we can find more differences, but until you do a test by test performance can not assess a greater or lesser extent its capabilities. Three quarters of the same happens with the autonomy provided by the same battery. However, the use of LTE Galaxy Premier may give an advantage to S3. There is a factor that will determine the price. If Samsung decides to lower the price of the Galaxy substantially Premier, then, given their similarities, it could be the perfect alternative to the Galaxy S3. That’s when we could give more meaning to the model. However, early reports speak of a cost over 600 euros, which would leave both smartphones at the same level, although it is not possible to determine that the manufacturer official.

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