Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Nexus 4

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The mobile market is encouraged to face the final stretch of the year . The Christmas campaign will be used to see how well behaved the best phones that have been put up for sale in recent days, as well as those who will be arriving at this time. The Nexus 4 is one of the teams that raise more curiosity in this regard. And not only by the fact that the new native mobile Google . It has also caused much excitement see how it has behaved LG making the new Nexus , who face not only with the iPhone 5 , but also with his compatriot Samsung , which runs out of the new franchise of this family and will face he using, among others, the Samsung Galaxy S3 . In this regard, which of the two teams would win the fight? In terms of performance , we can take a look to see which one wins the hand …

Design and Display

In terms of size and weight, the two phones are pretty evenly matched. Barely a few millimeters to about three grams separate these teams. On screen if differences arise. Size matters, and much, when choosing a mobile touch by the dimensions of your panel. In this sense, the Samsung Galaxy S3 wins him by the hair to the Nexus 4 . However, the phone Google boasts a higher resolution, which combined with its slightly smaller screen, gives a higher density. The negative point in this regard is the fact that the Nexushas no buttons on the front, which reduces effective space on screen at times. The  HTC S3 , instead, takes the form buttons on the outside of the panel capacitor, thereby its 4.8 inch are effective.



At this point, the Nexus Galaxy S3 and 4 are more than even. Both are compatible with Wi-Fi and 3G, GPS sensors and also having NFC . Ports include microUSB -compatible adapter MHL – and BluetoothNo lack tuner FM radio function with the system and exchange multimedia files DLNA .

Mutimedia and camera

Again, the options are either very similar, at least on paper. The  Samsung Galaxy S3 carries a camera-based sensor Exmor-R with which excellent results are obtained in both video and photo mode. The same maximum resolution in both cases, eight megapixels and FullHD , is one that is able to develop theNexus 4 . However, there are no details about the type of sensor that would take, so it is not possible to know what this will behave compared to the laureate mobile from Samsung . Where did falls a bit behind the Nexus is in confrontation when we examine the front camera: the  Samsung Galaxy S3 unit carries a1.9 megapixel, compared with 1.3 megapixel Nexus 4. Both allow the development of video calls HD quality.

Processor and memory

Here begin the main differences. Both phones use quad-core processors. However, we see a small distance. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has the remarkable Exynos 1.4 GHz , a unit very efficient in terms of energy management, which does not emit too much heat. Nexus 4 resorts to Snapdragon S4 Pro , slightly faster as it develops a frequency of 1.5 GHz . In RAM these computers also differ. While the Samsung Galaxy S3 install a GB, the Nexus 4 chooses two GB . However, things change in another way when it comes to storing data. l Samsung Galaxy S3 is available in 16, 32 and, in the coming weeks, 64 GB , while the Nexus 4 editions limited to eight to 16 GB . In addition, the mobile fromGoogle manufactured by LG does not allow memory expansion, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 to install a microSD card up to 64 GB.

Systems and Applications

The beauty of a mobile family Nexus is taking priority in the routing system update Android . The Nexus 4 , in fact, will debut with Android 4.2 , while the  Samsung Galaxy S3 will some time with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean , in our country and are being updated and the free ends anchored to Vodafone . However, in the case of Samsung mobile , integrate a variety of unique applications that would not see the Nexus 4 asSmart Stay -a system that identifies when we are not looking at the screen to make it go into sleep mode-Direct Call -who plays when we call a contact while writing a message, or a function that silence all notifications, simply placing the phone face down . These are some of the many uses exclusive Samsung Galaxy S3 as well as those that are rooted in the system itself Android .


Both the  Samsung Galaxy S3 as the Nexus 4 bet on a battery of 2,100 milliamps . However, the results show a and another unit in use and repose is not exactly the same. While the Nexus 4 gets its charge delay until ten hours talk time , reaching 250 hours on standby . In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S3 it gets larger, exceeding twelve hours use and 790 hours standby. That’s nothing.



No doubt about the possibility of becoming a high-end ecosystem Android , these  Samsung Galaxy S3and Nexus 4 are the most interesting. The price of LG mobile is the most intriguing undoubtedly models-eight and 16 GB cost 300 and 350 euros , respectively, while the  Samsung Galaxy S3 costs about 450 euros, in your model with less memory, 16 GB . This means that between the two, on equal terms, far a difference of 100 euros . LG is a manufacturer that has experienced a year a notable decline in market share, and its expertise in the development of terminals have been a good price precisely what would have motivated that Google chose it as a partner for the new Nexus .

In this sense, this is one of the many explanations that arise for the difference in cost, in consideration of a remarkable technical picture. In any case, it is an excellent proposal facing the user’s pocket, although the short memory of their economic model always impossible to use microSD cards – can be a highly dissuasive argument for specific users, so that the  Samsung Galaxy S3 remain a balance in value much more interesting to a larger number of customers.

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