Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini vs iPhone 5

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is the new phone from the Korean company which has a 4-inch screen. It is the same size as that included in iPhone 5, so we thought that a comparison between the two models, with the information we have, it would be a perfect idea to know which is more or less the new handset from Samsung.

Obviously, assess in perspective to each terminal, as they will not exactly the same market. iPhone 5 is designed to reign, so it is meant to compete in the high-end product. Meanwhile, Mini Galaxy S3 looking to break into the midrange , so its components, at least on paper, should not be so powerful. In addition, their prices also show these differences: the product of Samsung cost about € 390 on the open market, while theiPhone 5 cheaper worth € 669 .

Then we leave our impressions.

Hardware and Storage

Both phone include a processor with two cores, but iPhone 5 runs at 1.2 GHz while Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini makes a 1 GHz Therefore, one would expect the performance offered by the SoC A6 out like NovaThor U8420 … but nothing is. This is due to its architecture as the Apple model offers a Cortex-A15, which is much more modern than the Cortex-A9 processor chosen by the Korean company. Therefore, the performance is much better is iPhone 5.

And, for example will suffice: the benchmark SunSpider (best result the lower the number of points) is really clear that, since Galaxy S3 Mini 1955 gets 914 points for the iPhone 5. Best Apple terminal, as expected.

In the RAM makes no difference, since both models have 1 GB of RAM , which is already the minimum required for demanding applications, such as games or photo retouching, work perfectly. Regarding the ability to store information, both models offer options of 16 and 32GB, but in the case of iPhone 5 is also possible to buy a 64 GB. A detail in this section: makes all the sense in the world that does not offer Samsung 64GB terminals, since the mid-range market does not have these needs and, surely, that sales would not be significant.

As usual, which weakens iPhone 5 is in point of microSD memory cards. slot offers not one , so you can not use this type of consumables. Here, as is also standard on phones from Samsung, Galaxy S3 provides support up to 32 GB models.

Battery, connectivity and display

In regard to the screen, the two terminals have a 4 inch, but their similarities end there can be found.

Samsung has opted for a type SuperAMOLED with a resolution of 480 x 800 which has a density of 233 ppi . Good quality for its price range and also enables 720p reproductions without problems.

Meanwhile , iPhone 5 includes the famous Retina Display IPS with resolution of 640 x 1136 with a density of 326 ppi . It is really superior, do not forget, we’re talking about which is possibly the best 4-inch panel that is in today’s market. No color, really. Indeed, Apple has included oleophobic Gorilla Glass and protection, so also expect greater protection from scratches and bumps.

The battery is an essential, but today it has few actual measurements details Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Apple includes in its terminal with a cargo of 1,440 mAh, which is not bad but less than 1500 mAh Samsung model . This can be seen reflected in a greater thickness in S3 Galaxy Mini, but it should not be much more than a millimeter.

With respect to autonomy, the only data that are known are those provided by the manufacturers at rest. Samsung states that reaches 60 hours, while iPhone 5 has 51. Therefore, it seems that this is superior Mini Galaxy S3, at least on paper.

Connectivity is very similar in the basics: both models offer 802.11 N WiFi, GPS, GLONASS and Bluetooth 4.0. Yes, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini has WiFi Direct and NFC , as shown here just over the new creation of the Korean company.

Dimensions, weight and camera 

This is a section at least curious, because as both models have the same screen, everything depends on the skill of the designers. Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini has 121.6 x 63.9 x 9.9 millimeters by 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm iPhone 5 . That is, the latter takes the cake as far as thickness, and not worth wield that Samsung has incorporated a slightly larger battery … because not justify more than 2 millimeters apart. The weight is a dead heat, as the phone weighs 112 grams Apple 111.5 Mini Galaxy S3 . Pretty much the same.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini design is a little behind. Not that AFEO, much less, but its casing is plastic and less attractive. iPhone 5 features an anodized aluminum casing which makes it better.

With regard to the camera. There is no comparison as iPhone 5 wins unreservedly. Your camera 8 megapixels is better, no doubt, as proves capable of taking photos at a resolution of 3264 x 2448 and 1080p video recording. Furthermore, the front is also higher quality, as is 1.2 Mpx allowing 720p video conferencing.

The included in Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is 5 megapixels , can record at 720p and a maximum resolution of 2,592 x 1,944. The Front only VGA quality reaches. Efficient and sufficient in most cases, but does not even come close to what Apple offers in your new phone.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is a very well worked, and a competitive price that provides a compact terminal with no major deficiencies. Not reach the level of the iPhone 5 but being honest nor intended, not only hardware, but price and market positioning. We can say that is a good option to market all the iPhone 5 compared to the battle that his brother the S3 waged against the Apple model. The reality is that benefits must walk in a very competitive market segment where it should prove to be as capable as his older brother or his predecessor, the Galaxy Mini, a true “recordmam” sales. That is, no missing genes.

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