Comparison of Tablets: Google Nexus 10 versus Microsoft Surface RT

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Although the reference model in the tablet market is the iPad in April , should monitor developments presented this particular market. Since Microsoft had yesterday a new model, the Surface RT , commercial launch will lead the confrontation with pointers models. Among these also include the Nexus 10 , for features, we believe presents a comparative interesting.


So too have thought the guys who prepared to record a video that outlines the strengths and less prominent of the two models. The truth is that the operating systems that have again and tablet are totally different, but from the technical point of view this comparison itself becomes relevant.

The first point is that stop design, size and quality of termination of the housings. The Microsoft tablet goes well stop when the materials used and the level of detail. By contrast, the size may run against him because the format “panorama” of its 10.6 inch screen may seem a little awkward. Instead, the Nexus 10 incorporates a panel more “comfortable” with its 10.1-inch 16:9 format.Comparison of the screens

The screen, as you can see in the video, is another point of interest of this comparison. Co- TabletZona Surface tell us that although RT has a capacitive response much faster and agile, the remaining specifications offer a somewhat poorer performance in relation to the characteristics of the display of the Nexus 10. Please note the very high resolution, which amounts to 2560 x 1600 pixels by 1366 x 768 model from Microsoft. In addition, the color, brightness and visibility in outdoor environments are superior tablet seeker.

If we delve into more technical aspects, such as the specifications of the processor, the Nexus 10 returns to Surface positioned above RT. ARM Cortex A15 architecture Dual Core 1.7 GHz Nexus appears more powerful platform and NVDIA Tegra 3 quad-core 1.3 GHz As far as RAM is concerned, both documents boast model a respectable capacity with 2 GB. However, the result of its performance and application support system is more visible in the Windows RT model, in part because of the lightness of the Windows interface.Comparison of connections

Finally, Phone Arena gives an overview of the physical connectivity of the tablet. At this point the model clearly leaves the Redmond winner, if only because it incorporates the USB interface. This feature gives the model the ability to connect peripherals such that the user can experience more comfort when squeezing certain functions and system tools.

Then we leave you with the video, about 12 minutes in which you can compare in more detail what are the other differences between 10 and Surface Nexus RT.


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