Comparison: Line Vs WhatsApp

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With the fame of WhatsApp also come other applications ready to carve a niche in the market for communication tools . Samsung tries with Chaton , others as Spotbros bet on collaboration in addition to the communication . However, it has been LINE made known recently in our country. An application that is drawing attention among users of all mobile platforms today and comes as a strong alternative to WhatsApp . But why? We try to explain below.

For those who do not know LINE must be said that it is a complete tool of communication that follows the structure of WhatApp . So, we can be contacted at any time and place through instant messages and free through Internet . It also allows sharing videos, images, audio tracks, our current location or business cards with contact information on any of the agenda. It also has the ability to make free calls over the Internet, as it already does Viber . However, there are still a  few more clues left behind toWhatsApp .


The most noteworthy is the security . And we do not mean only that, as an application, have more protection than WhatsApp , which we have already met several problems – which have already been solved – such as the theft of information , the ability to change the state sentence , etc.. But features like a simple question when receiving a message from a stranger . So, if someone has our phone number and speaks through LINE , a window appears asking if we want to add or block that person, in case you do not know who is. And the same on other issues of privacy on our posts on our wall or give ourselves without exchanging the phone number (thanks to our reader Alfonso for the tip).

And is that LINE has an interesting section that WhatsApp only limited to the state sentence . Tab isTimeline , which allows us to post messages, long texts, images, etc. . A kind of wall , the style Facebook , where we inform our contacts from our last activity, concerns, or whatever we want .Meanwhile, WhatsApp has the ability to convey a message in a conversation group of up to 30 people, though not the same concept.


Another issue that pits these two tools are the emoticons and stickers . WhatsApp has opted for the Emoji , coming to renew their selection during the past year with a lot of new faces and icons .Meanwhile LINE offers bumper stickers or Japanese style and have great expressiveness, besides the classic icons . An issue that, in addition, can be renewed with new packs that the user can buy . Which in turn makes us see the different business model of these two tools.

Finally, and not least important, LINE has a PC version , which further expands its capabilities and scope . A downside to WhatsApp , which is available only for smartphones , although there are some tools to use in computers unofficially and uncomfortable .

However, WhatsApp have learned that is not always good, or better , have to be the most used and extended . You what do you think? Already using LINE ? You think it’s better than WhatsApp ?

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