Comparison: Kindle Fire HD 7 vs Google Nexus 7

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The debate is: what 7-inch tablet is better, Kindle Fire HD or Nexus 7The truth is that both devices are evenly matched. For this comparison we have taken as reference models with 16 GB of storage capacity, so that in this way the maximum out equal.


Importantly, the price, the companies themselves have taken care to indicate that it is a key factor in choosing an Android tablet today. And, here, Amazon has taken a blow, as their model is much cheaper than Google . Its price is 199 €, 50 € cheaper than its competitor. Therefore, a factor to consider.

Another interesting factor for users are updates. Amazon bracket has generally good, but in regard to the correction of errors, not in step a superior Android versions. At this point theGoogle  Nexus 7 is unmatched, because as the model of Google itself always be updated first . This too should be viewed as intended.

Here you have the information table of both products:

Kindle Fire HD 7 “ Nexus 7
Thickness 10.3 mm 10.45 mm
Weight 395 gr 340 gr
Screen resolution 1280 x 800 1280 x 800
SoC Texas Instrument OMAP4470 dual-core Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core
Autonomy 11 hours 10 hours
OS Android 4.0 (with own layer) Android 4.1

The screen

The first thing you see is a tablet screen. Here you can not find big differences, because the resolution (1280 x 800) is the same and almost modeled density per inch. So are other features which must be evaluated. Perhaps, the determinant is that the Kindle Fire’s IPS panel HD is built right into the glass , which does not happen with Nexus 7.This, in theory, should offer great viewing angle and better color saturation.

Winner: Kindle Fire HD


Here the two manufacturers have tried to offer the best they have. Both tablets offer great sound quality and an excellent finish. thickness is smaller Kindle Fire in HD , with only 10.3 mm, but Nexus 7 is lighter (340 grams) . In terms of connectivity, the inclusion of MIMO in the Amazon product can be beneficial, worst is checked 100% (and more in homes where the use of wireless networks is the core)

Winner: Tie



Despite what Jeff Bezos said the Kindle Fire HD display, processor 1.2 GHz OMAP4470 dual-core and offers a lower yield than Nvidia Tegra 3 1.3GHz quad-core Nexus 7. This is true with games and even surf the Internet at. Yes, the RAM and storage capacity offered no major differences.

Winner: Nexus 7


Amazon says its tablet offers one hour of autonomy Nexus 7, and may be all right because the consumer is where your processor is better because it requires less energy to operate. The reference we have taken is offering autonomy to music, which is the clearest view.

Winner: Kindle Fire HD

Updates and OS

No color in this section. Nexus 7 has no rival , Jelly Bean offers and updates are always fast and reliable. It is true that Kindle Fire Android 4 HD includes, but is not enough to beat Google tablet.

Winner: Nexus 7

The end result is a dead heat, which in our view is resolved depending on the user: if you want something economical and many services, the Amazon option may be best if you want updates and power are … Nexus 7 is the best. In what is certain is that both tablets are of great quality , look where you look.

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