Comparison: Grand ZTE Memo against Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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The arrival at the Mobile World Congress, ZTE Grand Memo , goes to show that the Chinese market is going strong and that Samsung’s supremacy in the field of phablets may be threatened, and that Apple does not even spare to South Korean company. To check if Samsung really can lose their power, we will compare the newcomer ZTE Grand Memo with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and see what happens.

Display and Camera

Most striking at first glance is a phablet your screen. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 includes a diagonal of 5.5 inchesSuper AMOLED HD and a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels. The Grand ZTE Memo has the same resolution 1280 x 720 but with a screen size of 5.7 inch IPS LCD technology and precisely this detail is striking, not having a higher resolution to be a more current device.

In the section of the camera, the ZTE reaches 13 megapixels while Samsung fell in August, something not quite understand at the time, as it had already reached terminals 12. Anyway, it’s capable of recording quality Full HD , so not the number of megapixels is not problem. Both terminals include programs that improve the operation of the camera, for example, the smart tap selector, which is present in the two phones.

Galaxy Note 2

Galaxy Note 2

Processor and memory

The Chinese company has surprised in this respect since, been included in the Grand ZTE Memo a single processor to date, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad core that operates at a frequency of 1.5 GHz Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for its part carries a quad-core Exynos reaching a frequency of 1.6 GHz , which may seem higher than ZTE not, because this is already in its final stage while the other is more current.

Things are different when we got to the section of RAM as the Galaxy includes 2 GB , appropriate for high-end devices, while ZTE stays at 1 GB, a step down. Regarding the amount of storage, the Chinese terminal will be released with the only option of 16 GB . In his case the Note 2 is available in three versions 16, 32 or 64, therefore, more product to choose depending on the needs of each user.

Battery and Shell

Autonomy regarding the Grand Memo ZTE includes a battery of 3,200 mAh , versus the Note 2 having 3,100 mAh . Keep in mind that the Chinese device having a larger screen necessarily, has a higher energy therefore requires more battery power.

The operating system is running both devices Android 4.1 Jelly Bean , so, in this section there are no differences. We’ll see when the time comes to upgrades, if still tied.

Grand New ZTE Memo

Software and S Pen

As for software , the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 pack includes Premium Suite, which involves a number of applications and additions. In this case, apparently introduced in the ZTE, a new interface also adds new applications, although some gaps improve Google software, what they do in the end is slowing down the system.

Regarding the stylus , the ZTE Memo Grand pointer does not include a high quality, such as carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which has become a characteristic and has also been used in higher versions like 10.1 or Note Note the newly introduced 8. These terminals also include all applications that are designed to exploit the stylus.

The price of ZTE Grand Memo seems to be around € 400 , although it is not known with certainty, and that all that is known about the release is scheduled for 2013 probably after May.

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