Comparision: Sony Xperia Z1 is better than Nokia Lumia 1020

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Depending on how you look at the features of a smartphone, so the launch of Sony like Nokia have good things to offer, then a brief.

We compared mainly smartphones cameras in question, since both releases have done a great emphasis on quality that will have the time to take pictures and record video.



Recall the important aspect of the Nokia Lumia 1020 camera has 41 megapixel quality, thanks to technology PureView for more precise quality of the image, while among the features of the Sony Xperia Z1 features a camera is almost 21 megapixel, equivalent to that seen in a professional team.

Through the gallery displayed by the resources , we see physical evidence of how they are photos taken by Sony Xperia Z1 comparison of the images captured by Nokia Lumia 1020.

In the smartphone from Nokia , can be seen an image with more light and vibrant tones, whereas the Xperia Z1 camera, one can see that the colors are closer to reality, as they are a little warm (but equally may come to be some disagreement on this).

Personally, I like the result with the Sony Xperia Z1 camera , and to my taste, is the best: no less price on Nokia Lumia 1020, because thanks to its incredibly sharpened zoom, can be captured many details that other teams can ignore: both cameras are the best smartphones on the market today.

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