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If we had to name the most anticipated mobile today, and probably of all time-that would certainly theiPhone 5 . The flood of information about this device has been and is being overwhelming. 

all began in June 2011 when it was expected that as always Apple presented a new generation of smartphone. The company had always chosen this date against the odds but failed to attend and there was no new iPhone. Here is unleashed unstoppable avalanche of rumors that a year and three months later, still has not stopped. We review the evolution of the iPhone 5 rumors to date.

iphone May 01

According to rumors in the summer of last year the iPhone 5 would have a similar design to the iPad and the iPod Touch. Their back cover would be completely made of aluminum , with one count s rounded edges and an irregular thickness, thinner at the bottom. The display has since been one of the components on which most talked about because it appears that Apple will increase its size above 3.5 inches. The numbers game has changed since those who said they would keep the classic 3.5 inch , until the betting by a panel of no less than five inches in diagonal. Finally it seems that Apple will try to prefer an increase in half-inch and iPhone 5 will have a screen of four inches.

iPhone 5 January

As he approached the fall, the date set for the launch, the rumors intensified and suddenly stopped with the introduction of the iPhone 4S in October. The new terminal fell like a bucket of cold water because he expected a new design and more notable improvements, instead the iPhone 4S had the same design and little new. During the months of truce gave the rumor mill, but not by much time. By early 2012 the leaks gradually returned to the charge, but in this case the most discussed topic was the date of filing  Would Apple to your regular schedule in June or else continue betting on a fall launch?With summer approaching back in May, it seemed that those of Cupertino wait until October to unveil the secret. Rumors intensified again and started to hear some data today still retain many specialized media as a smaller dock connector or backshell combined resistant metal and glass.

iphone 5 design 05

June was back and since then most rumors agree on the same data, so we know how it will be virtually the terminal. If the forecast does not fail the iPhone 5 will feature a display of four inches with resolution1136 x 640 pixels, back cover of metal , new connector dock of nine pins and a similar design to theiPhone 4 but more elongated . There remain many details but the look is very clear, unless Apple has kept an ace up its sleeve which seems highly unlikely. The company has scheduled the event of filing for Wednesday 12 September and finally close this chapter.

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