CNN examines the price of each component of the BlackBerry Z10

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Sometimes, not always, when the media decide to deepen specialized in manufacturing related to mobile devices to find out details such as the actual price of these terminals . It is something that has happened with the iPhone, and thanks to CNN has also been made ​​with Z10 trendy BlackBerry , the smartphone that means returning to the market with its new BlackBerry operating system, BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry Z10

To provide information regarding the price of each of the components the medium has been supported by UBM TechInsights, which has sought to detail the actual price of some major mobile components, like the processor, cameras, communication chips, display or storage space.

Once we look at the prices listed below, you can see that making a BlackBerry 10 is a little more expensive than what is needed for the iPhone 5. The processor, dual-core model to speed Qualcomm 1.5GHz and is priced at $ 23.50. For its part, the screen is a bit more expensive, with a size of 4.2 inches and a price of $ 26.50. Cheapest are other parts, such as memory storage of 16GB, which costs $ 9, or a combination of the two chambers, for $ 15 total.

Reviewing the price of parts continues with a package of additional components, mainly communication chips or battery, requiring an investment of $ 21 , including in this group the RAM. If we add beads and materials for the exterior and interior level connections and other minor elements, totaling $ 59, the total price is required to invest in one of these phones is 154 U.S. dollars.

Estimates have been made ​​previously and have proved to be correct in this case also seems to be getting a real result. The iPhone 5 requires an investment of $ 139 to be made, so this BlackBerry device will cost a bit higher, staying on the same line.

BlackBerry push the limits of the cost as possible to try to win the terminal special strength among professionals and specialists who could be reused if the new proposal BlackBerry managed to convince them. For now advertising is hitting the BlackBerry Z10 and proof of this is that not a day that does not appear related news or rumors terminal.

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