The classic start menu may be back in Windows 9

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 There are a lot of Windows users who deny the Metro interface and call a classical model such as Windows 7. It seems to have been heard. As we get from resources , Windows Threshold , the codename used by the development team of the new Microsoft system, menu will return the classic start to the desktop.

When we discussed these two assumes that the classic Start menu is raised in the next Windows because they have direct contact with Redmond headquarters. And walk he has not run rivers of ink on the  famous menu , returned half as start button on  Windows 8.1  enhancing the  ‘hidden’ features thereof, which are many and powerful.

reverse on the design of Windows 8 to further work on the desktop and to the criticism of Modern UI (Metro ), again, it works great on touch devices like tablets and AIO but that users ‘classic’ without touch screens are viewing annoying and even useless.

Microsoft knows this and seems willing to rectify. Something we have seen in Windows 8.1 with the option of jumping directly to the desktop without going through the home screen on a strategy that will continue in Windows 9.

Another interesting option that says Windows Threshold would be the ability to run Metro apps but from the windows desktop.

He still thinks, after several leaks that Microsoft Threshold current developments unify Windows 8/8, 1, Windows Phone, Windows RT  and to implement the system in the dashboard of Xbox One Windows 9 would not only multi-system and multi device- but multi-platform , as x86 and ARM architectures bear aside a Windows based RT-dead-and that it only uses Microsoft and Nokia.

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