Cisco buys with Think Smart Technologies Tracking Wi-Fi enabled devices

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Cisco has with Think Smart Technologies bought a company that evaluates identified via WLAN access location data. The start-up based in Cork, Ireland to be part of Cisco’s Wireless Networking Group and the Mobility Services Engine.


The “Location Analytics” by Think Smart cover, for example time, traffic patterns and duration of devices within a building – such as a shopping center. They should give businesses the opportunity to enhance the customer experience, reduce costs and make more sales. A series of examples is called Hilton Romanski, responsible for corporate business development at Cisco, in a blog entry . For example, waiting times could be reduced and the staff distribute meaningful.

Romanski writes the acquisition fit into Cisco’s strategy for smart grids. The increasing popularity of mobile devices enables companies and service providers, to serve customers in the commercial area just better. Also for hotels and airports, the technique was interesting.

The purchase price has not been communicated. Cisco hopes to complete the acquisition in the first quarter of its financial year, the 2013th

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