Cisco buys policy management provider BroadHop

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Cisco has acquired BroadHop a solution for the administration of policiesHis offer for mobile and fixed networks will merge into Cisco’s Service Provider Mobility Group. Together, it is hoped to be able to provide service providers more flexibility to control, monetize and customize services.


The purchase price has not been communicated.Cisco’s business development manager Hilton Romanski said but the resulting benefits to Cisco’s customers: “A service provider can BroadHops integrate technology so that its customers can buy preconfigured packages with premium services. For example, an end user wants on-demand streaming of premium quality, BroadHop enables to set up such a service and sell. The customer benefits in return of high service quality and superior bandwidth. “

Romanski According BroadHop also represents the next step of Cisco’s Open Network Environment with which the company wants to attract the world’s leading service providers as customers. The acquisition announcement comes a day after reports , Cisco wants to separate from his 2003 purchased for $ 500 million home users Linksys division.

How many companies are trying to Cisco this week to put before the holidays and the new year to have some quick points for the coming year. In addition to Cisco and Dell has announced acquisition , and both Akamai and Garmin yesterday presented new CEOs before they had recruited internally.

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