Cisco acquires cloud networking startup Meraki

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Cisco has entered into an acquisition agreement with Meraki, a company specializing in cloud networking and Wi-Fi start-up. The purchase price is approximately $ 1.2 billion, as a messageindicating the network equipment. The acquisition is subject to customary regulatory conditions and is expected to close in the second quarter of Cisco’s fiscal year 2013.

Meraki was founded six years ago by members of the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science. It enables centralized management of Wi-Fi, switching, security, and mobile devices via the cloud. It is also known as one of the largest operators together hängenen hotspot networks and one of the first providers of public wireless N networks.

Cisco justified the takeover so that the IT industry more and more on the “mobile cloud” era zubewege. A combination of Merakis expertise in Wi-Fi and cloud networking with Cisco’s software offerings simplify the IT functions of its customers. Cisco also points out that by acquiring new revenue opportunities would arise in combination with its other partners.

“The purchase of Meraki makes it Cisco, its global customer base of medium and large companies to provide simple, secure, and managed in the cloud networks,” said Rob Soderbery, senior vice president of Cisco’s Enterprise Networking Group. “Merakis solution is optimized from the ground up on a large scale for the cloud and is already used by thousands of customers to manage hundreds of thousands of devices.”

According to TechCrunch Meraki will continue to work even after completion of the acquisition, as usual. “Cisco values the way we develop innovative products: by focusing on our customers and quickly try out new ideas in terms of software and hardware,” Meraki CEO Sanjit Biswas wrote in a letter to his employees . “They would like us to bring out in the years to come new features and products and ‘cloudifizieren’ hopefully other Cisco products.”

The acquisition of Meraki is the latest in a series of acquisitions in cloud management, Cisco has made lately. Only at the end of last week, the network equipment acquired Cloupia for $ 125 million . Previously, he had already acquired Tidal LineSider and newScale.

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