Chrome Super Sync Sports transforms any mobile device into a game controller for PC

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Google has launched a special service called Chrome Super Sync Sports. This service turns your mobile device into a game controller that allows you to control games that run in the Chrome browser on your computer. In order to use Chrome Super Sync Sports, you need to download the mobile browser from Google on your smartphone.

Super Sync

Super Sync

Next, you will go to a special site with games already on your computer. You will be prompted to enter a link in the browser smartphone or tablet, and then enter the code generated. For the service to work, you must be connected to Wi-Fi.

Currently, Chrome Super Sync Sports are three games – running, biking and swimming. Before proceeding directly to the game, you can choose your own avatar. In addition, you can play with friends – Chrome Super Sync Sports supports up to four players. Schedule in all three games is simple, not management is complex, and the gameplay diversity, however, each of the games can inspire, and for a long time.


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