Chrome still contesting the hegemony of Internet Explorer

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Recent studies indicate that Google Chrome analysis is about to overtake Internet Explorer as the most popular browser in the UK, then the product of Microsoft continue increasing its free fall since July 2008.

With this, IE went from 75% to 31.5% in the UK, in contrast to the situation of Chrome that grew from 0% to 31.8% in the same period of time.

As recently reported, data from StatCounter show qye Google Chrome is now more than a third of the overall browser market. Meanwhile, according to the statistics program update, Chrome currently has a global market share of 35.4%.

Globally, you can see how Chrome’s rise at the expense of Microsoft’s IE, but clearly due to the rapid decline of the Mozilla Firefox browser. Opera, meanwhile, has shown signs of growth for some time.

Unlike Chrome, IE and Firefox, Safari still has a single-digit percentage in terms of global market share, but can detect a remarkable growth in recent times.

According to StatCounter, Safari ended last year with a market share of about 6% worldwide, but has since increased to almost 8.2%. Meanwhile, IE and Firefox fell by 8 and 3% during the same period, respectively.

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