Chrome for Android will overtake desktop browser in early 2013

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Google actively promotes and develops its browser Chrome (as we know, even in the form of the operating system.) But the version of the desktop browser today bears the serial number 23, while the mobile lags behind and is still only at 18. But according to the Chrome browser page on the social network Google+, this situation will change soon – the search giant is working on a synchronization output assemblies for various platforms, and for versions of Android it will happen early next year.

Previously, Google browser was part of the mobile operating system of the Internet giant, but with the launch of Chrome for Android situation has changed for the better – no longer need to wait for the new OS (which may not appear to go for old machines) to get a modern version of the browser to support the latest standards and improved performance.

The cycle is fast desktop version of Chrome updates will come next year, and the mobile platform – to wait for the new features in Chrome will have much less. Continuous improvement of Chrome can not please all Android-device owners, despite the availability of alternatives in the face of Opera, Firefox and other browsers.

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