Chrome 21 fixes bugs and improves the chat

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The latest version of Google Chrome browser, delivered in midweek, includes several new features, plus a series of security patches.

Google Chrome 21 inaugurated the implementation of the standard WebRTC communication in real time for the web. The API that provides the browser capabilities of audio and video communication quality is perhaps the most remarkable novelty of this version. Known to getUserMedia API, the new technology “allows a camera and a microphone to be recognized by web applications without plug-in,” said the software engineer  on the Google Blog. “In fact, the API getUserMedia is only a first step towards the implementation of WebRTC, a new standard for real-time communication which should enable audio communication and high-quality video on the Web,” said Google Software engineer.

Integration of Cloud Print

Chrome 21 also provides better integration with the Google Cloud Print service that lets you print to printers connected to the web. “Now, Google Cloud Print printers appear directly in the print dialog box of Chrome, so you can easily print on a Cloud Ready for Google Drive, since Chrome on mobile, or send a print job to one of the 1800 FedEx Location ” , had said last month the software engineer Robert Toscano, in a blog announcing the beta. Chrome 21 also offers extended support for game consoles and high-resolution displays for Mac Retina “, also points Engineer. 26 security patches



Last but not least , Chrome 21 also benefits from 26 security fixes, including one rated “critical” and nine others deemed “significant” in the severity scale of Google. But Google has had to pay only 2,000 dollars in total for these patches, as part of its hunting program bug, since Google engineers have found themselves the majority of vulnerabilities. “A lot of bugs were flushed using a tool AddressSanitizer,” said Google software engineer. 

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