Choose wisely between iPHONE 5 and NEXUS 4

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2007 was the year it was introduced to the market the first iPhone from Apple. In 2012 came the iPhone 5.

We show the characteristics of the two competing platforms.

The question for users is concrete: Can the Nexus 4 rival the iPhone 5? Both the Nexus name for phones and tablets “official” Google for its Android operating system as the iPhone 5, similar to Apple’s iOS systems, have their own characteristics, but which one to choose?   In the matter of price, the Nexus 4 starts with $ 386.5, while the iPhone 5 does with $ 864.7. There’s no where to be lost. The question of the screen and brings fights.Large displays have several advantages, but the disadvantage of being more difficult to use with one hand. Here, both terminals are tied, the 4.7 “Nexus against 4” iPhone 5. Regarding performance, we all know how well it integrates hardware and software the company on the block. Therefore, the overall performance of the iPhone 5 is better than the Nexus 4. material for the look and price, full range iPhone excels in build quality. Although the Nexus 4 is also of high quality materials, like glass its back cover, still suffer the eternal flaw of Android. The iPhone 5 is due also in lightweight, 112 g compared to 139 g of the Nexus. availability in the market says it is not easy to buy a Nexus 4. In the official Google store is exhausted. As for the iPhone 5, there were no problems to buy it, but waiting a few weeks.

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