Chip will increase internet speed

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IBM U.S. technology company has announced the development of a chip, through light pulses, will allow the transmission of information toa higher speed .

The new technology, called “silicon nanophotonics” , allows the integration of different components on a silicon chip. Thus, according to the company, takes advantage of the pulses of light (instead of electrical signals) for communication, and “provides a highway for huge volumes of data” between server processors at a faster rate than current systems Existing.

“This technological breakthrough is the result of over a decade of research pioneered IBM, “said John E. Kelly, senior vice president and director of IBM Research. The company says it is already in a position to develop commercial applications. “It will have an impact on a wide range of applications, “says the leader of the firm.

Has said the team developing this technology to the BBC , using light instead of electrons to transmit streams of information has two advantages. The first is that the data can be sent at a greater distance from different parts of the server, without risk of losing information.And besides , the light can transfer more data and faster than with conventional cables. Thus, according to this article, IBM has made this conversion process takes place in the chip of the computer which integrates optical components side by side electrical circuit of a single piece of silicon, and can be manufactured at a cost relatively low.

He is scheduled to IBM’s own contribution more details about this discovery this week at the International Electrical (“IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting”) in San Francisco.

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