Chinese Huawei unveiled “the fastest smartphone in the world”

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Chinese company Huawei has introduced a new flagship smartphone, which, in her view, is the fastest smartphone in the world.

Ascend P2

Ascend P2

Ascend P2 new device is created on the basis of the Android operating system from Google.Smartphone features a 4.7-inch screen and a 4-core CPU.

The company is positioning the new model as the “fastest” as Ascend P2 allow faster downloading of content than other smartphones.

According to research firm IDC, Huawei won the third place in the global tablet market on the basis of sales for the fourth quarter of 2012. The first and second place are Samsung and Apple, respectively.

Huawei is well positioned in Europe, as European companies buy its telecommunications equipment. In the U.S., the company low sales. This is due to the fact that Washington is opposed to U.S. cooperation with the Chinese company. In October last year, the U.S. Congress issued a report saying that two Chinese communications companies – Huawei and ZTE – are a threat to U.S. security and to spy on its territory .

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