China tries to hack accounts iCloud and Microsoft of its citizens in a new attempt at censorship

The website “Great Fire”, which monitors Internet censorship the Chinese government has denounced this attempt to ‘phishing’


The website ” Great Fire “closely monitor the censorship on the internet that prevails in China . And on Monday published an attempt by the country’s authorities against accounts iCloud , drawing a few days ago have been to sell new iPhones in June .

Many Chinese, following the expected sales are accessing your iCloud accounts . A perfect moment has used the Chinese Government to carry out a massive attack. The website also notes that Microsoft accounts have been affected

The Beijing government as “Great Fire” is using a large firewall with which redirect users to an identical copy of the official website of iCloud. Thus, the user, who enters his keys without knowing who is actually a false website, is providing the country’s authorities the necessary keys so that they can control access to their conversations, video, etc. It is what is popularly known as ” phishing “because it represents an appropriation of private data. The same is happening with the accounts of Microsoft .

The attack has been successful because users do not use Firefox orChrome , insurance browsers typically display vetana notice if detected problems in security certificates. Most Chinese use the browser to Qihoo 360 , the most popular in the country, that does not warn mariners that they are actually accessing a malicious site.

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