China has more mobile Internet connections from PC

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The number of Chinese users who access the Internet from mobile phones has exceeded the Internet that make PC, marking an important milestone. The rise of smartphones, especially those of low and medium cost, has been the cause of this change in the form of access, according to a report by the Chinese government.  

  China is the largest global Internet market and the trend represents a turning point for companies like Baidu and Sina Corp, who need to move their business models to the mobile sphere to leverage growth.

   The number of users who accessed the Internet from mobile phones increased 22.2 percent in the last year, reaching 388 million users. By contrast, in the case of access from computers that number has fallen by 380 million users. Is the first time that access to the Internet via mobile PC has surpassed, as noted by the Information Center of China Internet (CNNIC).

   The CNNIC has excelled in its quarterly report that half of new users are from rural areas, of which 60 percent access the Internet from their mobile phones. China has won more than 538 million Internet users in late June.

The population of China to surf the internet and was the largest in the world, but now increased to 538 million Internet users, thanks to the rapid growth of wireless surfing, said Thursday a trade group.

The new figure represents an increase of 11% over the previous year, according to the report of the Information Center Network Internet in China. The group, authorized by the government, said the figure rose also means that the rate of China’s population using the Internet, to 39.9%.

The number of people surfing via mobile phones and other wireless devices grew to 388 million, the group said. That was up 22% over the previous year.

China’s communist government encourages Internet use for business and education but tries to block access to material considered subversive or obscene. The authorities tightened their controls after the social networks and other online sites were a key factor in the protests that brought down the governments of Egypt and Tunisia.

The increased use of Internet and the explosive popularity of wireless access has fueled the growth of a number of new Web sites Chinese, microblogs to online video.

Regulators this month reinforced its control over the videos online and ordered suppliers must verify all equipment before allowing anyone to see it. The government complained that some online videos were vulgar, pornographic or too violent.

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