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The popular Instagram photo network and is in all respects the property of Facebook. Photography social network announced in an official blog that the process of acquisition by Facebook has completed 100%. From Instagram have ensured that this is a very exciting time, it is the beginning of joint work with the team of the social network Mark Zuckerberg .

In April knew that Facebook had decided to buy this photo network, which stores more than 5,000 million pictures of users . The purchase of 1,000 million dollars became part of the technology giant. To do this, he had to follow a series of legal steps to complete the purchase, which is final.

One of the most important steps climbed in late August, when the Federal Trade Commission of the United States (FTC, for its acronym in English) approved the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook.Photography From the network confirmed that the process is complete and that its “agreement with Facebook is closed.” Thus, the company became part of the social network so that their staff work directly to Facebook.

From the photo service have ensured that the goal is to “work together to develop and build a better Instagram for all.” Now that the transaction has closed, since Instagram has confirmed that his team is “moving slowly to the offices of Facebook.”

However, “Instagram not going anywhere,” so that users can continue using the service normally despite the agreement. ” The application of Instagram and functions remain the same we know and love. Let’s keep working together to build a better Instagram “from the company have said.

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