Check out biggest problems Major Smartphones sold today.

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When you think about changing cell phone , just think that the top of the line appliances of today are close to perfection. But the truth is they still have some problems – like any electronic device – which leaves them far from perfect. And what are these problems? Below research to show that more consumers complain about their phones.

For research, we selected some of the main devices of today, all highly praised by consumers and also by the specialized press. Check out now what are the main problems found in the Galaxy smartphones Samsung S3 Samsung Galaxy X (Nexus), iPhone  4S and Nokia Lumia 900 .

Samsung Galaxy S3

The top line of Samsung is regarded as one of the best experiences that Android can offer. With the Super AMOLED screen of great quality and a quad-core processor to run any application with ease, the Galaxy S3 has won new customers very quickly. But what are the major problems from it?


According to research FixYa, most users have complained of problems with the very microphone. There are rare cases where a link starts to fail because the device. Others claim that it also interferes with the quality of the signal, causing missed calls in some cases.

  1. Malfunction of the microphone: 50%;
  2. Battery life: 15%;
  3. Overheating of the device: 15%;
  4. Problems with internet connection: 10%;
  5. Other: 10%.

Galaxy X (Nexus)

Created in a partnership between Google and Samsung, the Galaxy Nexus – which in Brazil is called Galaxy X – has been one of the biggest hits of Android. It will be the first to be updated to version 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. Another positive point is the hardware, which has dual-core processor and great screen quality.


The great problem of the Galaxy Nexus is very similar to that found in the Galaxy S3. The calls made or received by the device are constantly interfered by random cuts. That is, during calls, the voice of the owner of Nexus ends up being cut at random times (not following a pattern) and disrupt the smooth progress of the talks.

  1. Malfunction of the microphone: 55%;
  2. Battery life: 20%;
  3. Wi-Fi: 15%;
  4. Usability: 10%;
  5. Other: 5%.

iPhone 4S

Produced by one of the largest technology companies in the world ( Apple ), the iPhone 4S came with excellent hardware configurations, but caused some disappointment among consumers who expected a revolution in the design of the device. Still, it is doing great numbers, like the vast majority of consumers.


Moreover, there are some problems that plague very consumers. The main one is on the battery, which lasts less than users expect – and seems to suit that Apple promised. Moreover, instability in Wi-Fi connections are also quite frequently mentioned by respondents in a study by FixYa.

  1. Battery life: 45%;
  2. Problems with Wi-Fi: 20%;
  3. Bluetooth connection: 15%;
  4. Problems with Siri: 10%;
  5. Other: 10%.

Lumia Nokia 900

Windows Phone today, the Nokia 900 Lumia hit the market with very interesting features. Both the hardware and operating system have shown very satisfactory results and sales of the device are driven by the confidence that consumers have at Microsoft.

Unlike other devices cited in the research, the Lumia 900 does not have an application store as extensive as the Android and iOS – because Microsoft came to market recently. But the main problem reported by consumers is related to the purple color that ends up being shown on the screen for a long time – and makes it seem tainted.

  1. “Spots” purple screen: 25%;
  2. Camera button: 20%;
  3. Few apps in app store: 20%;
  4. Battery life: 20%;
  5. Other: 15%.


As you can see, we are still far from able to find a perfect handset market. Still, it is worth investing in a good phone. Remember that the research uses a limited number of respondents and that this creates a margin of error in studies.

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