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We are only 3 days to start the CES 2013 , and we expect this event presented a wave of new devices, many of which will be available from this month of January. So, as the big day arrives, we decided to introduce some progress and predictions about what we can expect on the tablets in the coming days.

There is no doubt that 2012 was a turning point for the growth of tablets. Before starting in 2012 there were still people who refused to believe in the success of tablets. But time went by and with the announcements of last year we started to see more tablets with higher resolution screen, improved hardware specifications and software more attractive to consumers, in general, a radical change in competition among themselves and against laptops, so yes there are those who see them as a replacement for the latter.

As a refresher, during CES 2012 saw the announcement of several tablets with resolutions of at least 1920 x 1200 pixels, many of which operating system Android Ice Cream Sandwich . This year’s CES seems to take the same direction, adding some new things to the board. However, we can not expect a flurry of announcements from manufacturers tablets as it is likely that most manufacturers are waiting to Mobile World Congress 2013 for best ads.

What will be new for CES 2013? Keep in mind that last year even Windows 8 was far from being officially released, so this year we can expect many manufacturers to join the squad and start producing tablets and hybrids with Windows 8 or Windows RT . Similarly, as mentioned earlier, last year witnessed the presentation of many tablets with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but this year the news is Jelly Bean , with the advantage that, in this field, Google has reduced prices tablets and promoted competition among manufacturers, so we can expect better economic teams this year.

Last year also saw an increase in processor cores to four cores on many computers. But for CES 2013hardly see 8 or more cores. Instead, it is more likely to see quad-core processors faster, more efficient , and the integration of the 4G LTE network support , as rumored NVIDIA Tegra 4supposedly would run at 2 Ghz or Red Ridge Medfield Intel .


But entering fully into the realm of tablets, so we started with the tablets that could be presented during the CES 2013:

HTC Quattro . This is a model that has been rumored for quite some time and recently appeared in the company’s portfolio. Is supposed to come with a 10.1-inch screen, maybe 2 GB of RAM, and 1200p screen resolution Retina maybe. It is also likely to present an HTC Flyer 2 with a good price and decent specs.

Galaxy Note 7.0 . If Samsung already has in this family of devices one 5.5-inch and 10.1-inch one, it would be nice to present a small tablet to add more options to users. Is supposed to have a quad core processor, Stylus and all features multi-window and multi-task which so many have fallen in love. It would be a team that would compete directly with the iPad Mini, so you must also have excellent specifications.

Tablets with Windows 8 . Many manufacturers are in line to introduce new tablets with this OS in its full version or RT, including ASUS, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung and Dell.

Others . Among other things, it is assumed that Asus also present some Memo Pad Slates, with affordable prices. It would also be presented with a Nexus 7 with Intel and one with a price of just$ 99 . Nokia is one of the least mentioned, but which in the past has also been the talk about making their tablets , so we could be seeing something brand with Windows 8 or Windows RT . LG also join the ranks with a hybrid tablet and even Polaroid is working on a 7-inch tablet for children.

Surely we will see new smaller tablets with the new operating system Android Jelly Bean or Windows 8/Windows RT, such as those mentioned above, but it will be something we could say silent. Most manufacturers probably will not want to use Las Vegas as its main stage, since there have been many announcements recently with newer operating systems. So it’s more likely to see many new tablets and smartphones during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona .

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