CERN announces discovery of new particles can be Higgs boson

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Researchers announced this morning in Switzerland have found a new particle that would be consistent with what is expected of the “God particle”

Scientists announced today that it has discovered the existence of a new subatomic particle that behaves like the Higgs boson. By colliding protons, researchers at CMSE ATLAS – two research groups working independently in the search for Higgs – managed to create in the Large Hadron Collider at the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN, its acronym in English), in Geneva particle with a mass of 125.3 Gev. A new particle announced on Wednesday is in the mass region 125-126 GeV observation of the Atlas was at 126 GeV in the CMS and As GeV 125 GeV is the standard for the mass of subatomic particles. A GeV is equivalent to approximate mass of a proton.

The proof of the existence of the Higgs boson, postulated in 1964 by British physicist Peter Higgs, has a huge impact on science, since it is the only Standard Model of elementary particle that has not been observed so far. The Higgs mechanism was proposed by several scientists in the mid-1960s as a way to build a consistent theory containing particles with mass. Then it was embedded in a theory describing the weak and electromagnetic interactions, today called the Standard Model. Since then has been seeking to discover the particle remnant of this mechanism, the Higgs boson. “I want to congratulate everyone. I am very happy that it happened while I’m alive, “said Higgs, who was thrilled to be summoned to speak at the end of the presentation of CERN scientists.

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