CEO of Google & Apple, in secret meeting over Patent war

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Tim Cook and Larry Page , leaders of two of the largest companies in the technology world ( Apple and Google ), maintained at least a phone conversation last week to treat “patent war” pitting the company apple with Samsung.

The Korean manufacturer, used in several of its smartphone and tablet operating system mobile browser (Android), has been sentenced to pay compensation of 1,050 Apple million for infringing its patents. It could also blocked the sale of several of its products However, from the start Google said that this decision would not affect them, because the trial did not take into account the operating systems , but only the design of various devices.

However, Cook and Page had a telephone conversation on the matter last week and have another over the next (going to be this Friday but was delayed), as has been told to Reuters . In addition, several senior managers from both companies also discuss this topic frequently.However, it is unknown whether these talks addressed other issues such as a possible “truce” or agreement in any of its many disputes legal.


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