Caution: You may be without internet access on Monday

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More than 300,000 personal and corporate machines infected with DNS Changer viruses in the world will be offline due to server shutdown

About 300,000 PCs and Macs will be without internet access in the second (9) unless their owners rid themselves of malware DNS Changer .

According to a group of security experts formed to combat this virus, the number of infections may be even greater.

The DNSChanger changes the DNS addresses on your PC, making the Internet user is directed to a fake site even enter the correct address.At its peak, reached contaminate 4 million PCs and Macs and earned its creators $ 14 million.

The infected machines will lose their Internet connection in the second, when the DNS servers that are serving as a bridge for them are disconnected.

These servers, which were kept under a federal court order by Internet Systems Consortium (a nonprofit group that maintains the popular BIND DNS software), were deployed last year, after the FBI to seize more than 100 servers command and control (C & C) used by the gang.

The operation “Operation Ghost” ended with the arrest of six men in Estonia – a seventh, a Russian, remains at large – the seizure of C & C servers and replacing them. Without replacements, the computers would be infected offline immediately.

It’s not just consumer PCs and Macs that remain infected, but also computers and corporate systems in government agencies, says the company Internet Identity (IID), which has monitored the cleanup efforts.

Last week, the IID said his surveys show that 12% of the Fortune 500 has infected computers or routers. And two of 55 U.S. government agencies as well.

In January, the rate of both groups was 50% great.

“We are all struggling with it,” said Rod Rasmussen, CTO of IDI. “There are a lot of people who did nothing.”

The site DCWG , a group formed to fight the virus, has links to free tools to remove the malware.

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