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Skype has confirmed that an update released last June may in some cases cause a sending random messages to the user’s contacts, messages that, originally, they were not intended. The VOIP service announced that a patch would be released in the coming days.

 Users tell their misadventure: most said that some snatches of conversations held via instant messaging to Skype, were received by different individuals of their target audience. Most users say they are embarrassed or even angry, that some of their contacts were able to see messages that they were not intended: a situation that, beyond the misunderstandings that can result, is also a violation of privacy. VOIP service today confirmed that a bug in skype, described as “rare” does exist in the software, since the release of an update in June. ” We are aware that in rare circumstances, instant messages sent between two contacts can be inadvertently sent to a third contact. We will deploy a fix for this problem in the coming days, and we will notify our users when they download it. “In the meantime, caution is advised. 

Do you use Skype often these days? Then they will have to be careful, as there is a little problem so far has not affected many people, but it is quite serious and that you have the team behind Skype working on a quick solution.

The reports of the problem began to reach Skype support forum, where some users warned that some instant messages sent to a particular contact is reenviaba to a third contact in the book, completely at random. One need not look far to realize the serious problem of privacy that can be generated with this, so perhaps that despite the infrequent bug, the company acknowledged receipt of the problem, announcing that they are taking steps to correct it and that “very soon” there will be an update available.

Given the implications it might bring, will be absolutely recommend that everyone download this update, especially those who have already been affected or who for some reason some sensitive information sent through the service. For now, even if it’s a rare bug, we must be very careful what you write on Skype.

To avoid receiving spam through Skype, you must configure properly the application in the privacy of users. To do this go to the Tools and then Options from the  main. In the Privacy section, click on Show Advanced Options, which must verify you are selected in each of the sections the only option people in my Contact List. To increase the level of privacy, it is preferable not to accept cookies. 

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