Canon XC10: 4K camera and 10x zoom for photographers

Canon introduce both as an alternative to the Sony Alpha 7S and Sony Handycam AX100 .Canon XC10 is an amazing product, converge, not really a talented video camera, not really a talented camera picture.

Canon released its bridge sensor type 1 “capable of shooting HD Ultra, but do not get too excited: this Canon XC10 is not a camera but a camcorder, for professionals requiring a camera “4K TV” compact and able to fit into their current production flow.. On the aesthetic and ergonomic design, there are wheels, the zoom and focus similar to EOS SLR cameras. But the trap of memory card slot and handle are conversely inspired by the series of professional cameras C300 . This handle is rotatable, like the latter, but on the other hand not removable. With the touch screen also adjustable, the device offers great flexibility in terms of framing that grip. There is not a great camera shutter accompanied by a small video trigger, or vice versa, there is only a single trigger with selector Photo / concentric video.

But this spirit of convergence does not really want to face the fact sheet, whose genetic codes take over the camera. The Canon XC10 is thus based on a CMOS sensor format 1 inch, relatively small for the photo, but especially a definition of 12 million pixels. It is quite enough for video, but it is clearly a concession from a photographic point of view. This simple definition allows it anyway to claim a maximum sensitivity of ISO 20,000. We are still far from 100 000-400 000 ISO A7S of large sensor, but it’s still comfortable. This sensor is capped with a goal, immovable despite appearances, offering a 10x amplitude. It is equivalent to a 24-240mm photo and a 27-270 mm in video, f / 2.8 to 5.6. Its optical stabilization complete stabilization five axes of the sensor. The zoom is manual,
not motorized, severely limit its use in video.

There is also the chip processing DIGIC DV5 inherited homemade cameras, with which the camera shoots in Ultra HD or 4K DCI (not specified) to a maximum of 30 frames / s in an intermediate codec XF-AVC Intra encoding with peak rates up to 300 Mb / s. This requires a high performance 2.0 CFast memory card. There is also an SD card slot, but then leveled recording 1080p at 60 frames / s AVC 4: 2: 2. Canon Log gamma curve to obtain a comfortable dynamic range of 12 IT, is also proposed. Finally in terms of input / output, the device offers a 3.5 mm input for microphone, headphone output, HDMI 1.4 (sufficient for Ultra HD at 30 frames / s), a power supply and dual-band Wi-Fi outlet. There is however no so-called professional connectors such as SDI or even XLR, not even with an optional module as Panasonic and Sony to present their hybrids.

he Canon XC10 will be available in June for about 2000 euros. Failing to be able to converge camera, Canon has at least the merit to explore new horizons.

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