Candy Crush Tricks To Play No Limit Lives

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Candy Crush is the game that revolution is forming among millions of people.Nothing more, and nothing less than 10 million are completely hooked to Candy!

Candy Crush started this phenomenon through Facebook . But the revolution has been so high that you can install the application on your smartphone.

Candy Crush

Candy Crush

The main mission of this game is to move through each of the 400 levels you have . The structure of the game is simple: it is like a puzzle, Tetris style, which you have to match and exchange sweets .

Of course, scroll through so many levels it’s difficult when you have limited lives and prevent you from continuing once they are out of stock.

Candy Crush limits you to five lives and you will removing one each time you do not get the requirements of the level where you are. 

At Happy FM going to leave the best tactics to get lives whenever you want and not have to wait half an hour until you return to give the starting five.

There are  three classic ways to get lives:

1. Submit to Facebook friends requests for us to give away a life.

 2. Wait half an hour for you to recharge the lives. 

3. Paying for them.

The truth is that none of the three seems a very good solution when you’re dying is busting level soon and, above all, without having to wait. So, for the more hooked I leave you with three tricks alternative out there to have an unlimited life .

1. For that you play from your smartphone have this simple trick.

With forward some hours when your watch, the application deemed to have passed the official time to recover lives. Go to the time and date settings, set the time manually,  and presto!Five lives recovered instantly.


Two. If you are lucky to have many friends hooked on Facebook , they will send many messages to recover life, you will realize that you can not open more than five because it is the limit of lives that has default the game. The worst thing is that if you accept them, in addition to not build the lose!

What you have to do to have them always available, open a new tab . Play until you run your five lives and when you run out, go back to the previous tab (where were the messages from your friends). Done!  Now accepts the lives of your friends, and keep playing. 

Three. For those who are hooked from your PC there is a application that “cheating” in some games and in Candy Crush, too. The first thing you have to do is open the browser Mozilla Firefox . Then download the Leethax application by clicking on  “Install Extension” (found on the website). Once installed, restart the browser to open the game, you will find that accounts with 99 lives that are limitless!

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