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After much speculation, was presented the new Korean flagship smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy seek the S4 is the top-selling smartphone of the year. Some analysts have even said that this launch will be the last that the brand made under the shadow of Apple and its iPhone, ushering in a new era in which the Galaxy series is the leader to win. Whether true or not, we can ensure that the S4 is a beast the size has not been seen on a smartphone. Here the detail.


– Display: The S4 has a 5-inch screen Full HD Super AMOLED with a density of 441 ppi, surpassing over 100 pixels per inch which provides the Retina display of the iPhone 5.

– Processor: As the rumors suggested, there will be two versions: a quad core at 1.9 GHz, and an eight-core 1.6 GHz per core. That said, a beast.

– 2 GB of RAM , 16, 32 or 64 GB of internal storage expandable with SD card.

– Uses Gorilla Glass 3 , promises to be up to 3 times stronger than the previous version.

– 13 MP main camera and 2MP front.

– Red LTE six bands with global coverage

– Size and weight : 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm, 130g (13mm taller, 11mm wider and 0.3mm thinner than the iPhone 5)

S4 Galaxy Interior is in line with the high end of the season, but the processor and the display highlight particular. At the time, no other smartphone with an eight-core processor, for example.

Installing S4 Galaxy presentation from Times Square in New York.  Photo: Samsung

Installing S4 Galaxy presentation from Times Square in New York. Photo: Samsung

But the most interesting including the S4 are the new tricks that the device can do. And yes,includes gesture control without touching the device , and control with the look.

New camera features

– Dual Camera: Lets you take photos and video with two cameras simultaneously. 
– Drama-Shot: Function to make time-lapse. This also allows you to choose the best photo of a series of consecutive shots automatically. 
– Sound and Shot: Capture not only the image but the sound of the exact moment the photo was taken.

Dual camera function.  Photo: Tech & Bits

Dual camera function. Photo: Tech & Bits

Control Functions

– S-Drive Voice: New improved version of the system of recognition and voice control. 
– Air Gesture: Enables operation of some functions over the hand without touching the device. 
– Smart Pause: Controls the display with the look. For example, a video will pause when you leave the view. 
– Finger Air View: When passing the finger over the screen (without touching it), you will see a preview of the email, or video image. 
– WatchON: The S4 Galaxy work as a remote control for other devices. 
– Optical Reader: Adds ability to recognize QR codes, text and provide immediate translations.

Other Functions

– S Health: The S4 Galaxy includes multiple sensors to monitor the overall health, and also includes software to track quality of sleep, exercise and eating routines. Can be used with different devices to be synchronized with the smartphone, such as a scale, heart rate monitor, etc. 
– S Translator : Translation function in real time. The demo made ​​during the event was truly spectacular to communicate from English to Chinese instantly. Works even without a data connection. 
– Function importing information from other devices . Especially functional for migrating from iPhone. 
– incorporates corporate security that even allows for personal and professional information with independent access. 
– Works with gloves on !

In the first instance will be sold in two colors, black and white, but more colors are promised for the year. There is no release date confirmed for Mexico, however, a source close to Samsung Tech & Bits assured that its launch will be at the end of April . We will keep you informed about the exact date and price.

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