Calibre 1.0, the new version of the most complete software for digital books

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Calibre is the best solution to control a personal library of electronic books . Software is a free and open source, available in several languages, including Castilian. Now just launched the new version 1.0 of the famous manager and converter of digital books. Behind a team of half a dozen developers who have worked all year to present this update of some magnitude. They’re back to program all the database from scratch to be nearly three times faster. Those users who want to manage large libraries will appreciate the speed increase when looking at their books.

Calibre 1.0

Calibre 1.0

Another improvement is the ability to create virtual libraries in which to sort the titles. For example, all the books by the same author or only those that have a certain label. The presentation of the book cover is also new. Activated by a button with an existing grid icon in the right corner of the main screen. The user can customize by choosing the background color and size of the covers. Moreover, the conversion motor is truly robust Calibre completely. The new version can convert documents Word DOCX format . That includes tables, lists, notes, footnotes and pictures.

caliber 1.0

Programmers Calibre have also added new sources to download metadata about digital books , especially for the case of tires. Simply enter into the menu Preferences and select Download metadataOther improvements affect the tool for editing the table of contents of the books and the engine output to files PDF . Apart is a new role of books polish that cleans the files and is found in the Preferences> Toolbar.

No wonder that its popularity will grow at a rate of over half a million new installations a month. Actually, just above 18 million installations since its debut in August 2009, of which 3.4 million are active . The developers talk about facilities instead of users in their statistics, because the same person can have multiple installations of Calibre on different computers. Used in over two hundred countries and Spain is the second most used location (11 percent of the facilities), behind the U.S. (20 percent of the facilities).

Calibre 1.0 is available in five types: Windows , Windows 64-bit , Mac OS X , Linux and Notebook .The for Windows works with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Meanwhile, the 64-bit Windows is for Windows 8, 7 and Vista and can be installed on the same machine as the 32-bit, and both use the same library, the same configuration and the same accessories. The of Mac OS X Leopard requires minimum. For Linux , you need GLIBC 2.10 or later, in addition to pre-installed xdg-utils and python 2.6 or higher. Finally, the laptop can be installed on a memory key and runs on any Windows from XP SP3 onwards.

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